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DTG University

We understand DTG can be difficult, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming. Let us take that pressure off of you and show you how to do it properly. Sign up for our school. We have a professional staff that has years of experience behind the process. We've done lots of trial and error and research.


We believe we have a great team to help you succeed even if you do not purchase one of our machines. We would of course encourage you though!


10 years of research, trial and error go into your training. We teach everything from how to operate machinery, maintenance, care of the machine. We will even put you into a real life production line where you will be pretreating, printing and pressing.  


We know you would come out very knowledgeable, confident and ready to jump into the DTG World correctly because you will be getting hands on experience and we won't let you leave until you feel like you are ready. The course is 4 days.


We have taught many people in the industry how to do this process and we hope that you'll be the next.


Please contact us for more info.


Best Wishes,


Anthony Creek






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