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The ultimate dtg pretreatment solution

pretreater IV-4.png

As a novelty, the PRETREATmaker IV has a modern stepper motor. The device has a total of 4 nozzles that can be individually switched on or off. The maximum surface to be sprayed is 40 cm in width and 60 cm in length. The width is adjustable by turning on or off the 4 nozzles. This makes a minimum width of 12 cm possible, ideal for chest logos. The length can be set in 2 cm intervals. The spraying will be uni / bidirectional possible to allow for all users the best setting.

Inside the carriage, another filter was installed, which allows trapping impurities from the hoses and the pump. This provides a clean nozzle without clogging by deposits from the system. The rails of the drawer of the PRETREATmaker IV are equipped as standard with an improved protection system.


It is also a new feature that, as of now, 2 pre-coating liquids can be connected as standard with a change-over valve. Another switch enables the cleaning of the pre-coating pump incl. Hose system with cleaning fluid. There is also an automatic cleaning function in the menu. 

The slide rails of the PRETREATmaker IV are fitted as standard with an improved protection system.

Another renewal is the optionally available balance, which can be connected to the system to track the order in grams in the display in real time. This makes it possible to see if the nozzles and the system are working properly. In addition, an indicator in the display is activated which indicates the low level of the pre-coating container.

Of course, our proven automatic cleaning interval option is also installed in the PRETREATmaker IV again. This prevents the nozzle from drying out in daily operation. Even rinsing the nozzle with detergent or water is only limited to the last 10 cm hose in front of the nozzle and not to the entire hose system, as with our PRETREATmaker III. This feature saves pretreatment fluid. 

The tank containers in the PRETREATmaker IV: 1x 10 liter pre-coating, 1x 5 liter pre-coating, 1x 5 liter for cleaning fluid, 1x 5 liter waste water tank.

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