This  Cleaning Solution will work with any Garment Printer for flushing or just cleaning your head.

*Only for Epson based printer if pushing through the system. Please do not store in the printer long term (more than 1.5 weeks).  Otherwise can cap the head with to clean off but no longer than 3 days consecutively. Please note we are not affiliated with Epson and this is not an Epson product.

Naval Orange Cleaning Solution

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    We have been in the DTG market for 9 years. We know how to print correctly, repair machines and train customers properly. You won't regret doing business with us. If you would like to know how to print DTG come see us and participate in our University located in California.


    The LX is now available in the USA. Very fast and reliable.  is located in Fowler, California and founded by Anthony Creek.

    It is a division of DTG Printer Parts.

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