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What Is Image Armor Pretreatment?
Image Armor pretreatments are a new way to prepare your shirts for direct to garment printing. Our products take a lot of the guess work and variables out of pretreating that caused many people to shy away from white ink DTG printing. It is now possible even for the new owner of a direct to garment printer to get great results whether they pretreat by hand or by mechanical methods.There are several reasons why Image Armor pretreatments make your job so much easier.

    No more crystallization when heat curing the pretreatment
    The closure of the application window allows for less issues with “over” pretreating a shirt and having it wash out.
    Ease of application – because of its forgiving attributes application is now easier even if it is hand applied with a spray gun.

Image Armor DARK Garment Pretreatment

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