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Products & Services We Offer

DTG University
Extensive DTG training, hands on and in real life production. You will get the best tips and get some real world experience and come out confident. We break down everything very easy for you. 

DTG Consulting
Whether you are going to buy a DTG or are looking to expand we can help you to get the right solution. We can also help with fine tuning your process and get you the right products that will work for your business.

Low Key Boss/Employee for Hire
If you are having trouble with employees not doing their job or want to see what is going on at your business and which employee is a problem you can hire us to pose as a new hire and let you know what is wrong with your process, who is mucking it up or let you know the strengths and weaknesses of the employee you are having trouble with. We can be very incognito so nobody will detect we are a spy for you.

We can also be hired as a Boss to whip workers into shape, make them get the process right and get them on the right track. This service is perfect for getting workers to do their job and to have a person outside the business tell them what you need done and that what they are doing is messing up the business and losing you money. This also helps you to tell the workers that you mean business and they are taking advantage of you without you having to tell them that.

Marketing Consultant
We can consult you on how to market your existing product, give some pointers and real world experience.

Expansion into other Markets
Need some help in this area? Want to expand into things outside DTG? We can help to consult you to choose the right equipment for your needs. 

DTG Product Manufacturing
We manufacture inks, solutions, pretreat and other things for the direct to garment market. We are constantly innovating and improving our products. If you have a special need let us know, we'd be glad to help.
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