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The business friendly direct to garment printer
16 X 23 inch printable area

TexJet® echo is the brand new direct to garment printer from Polyprint and replaces the famous TexJet® PLUS Advanced. Some of the key features are: Photorealistic print quality, Excellent white ink performance, Max print area: 16 X 23 inch, Screen & Digital MIX compatibility, Snap-On Platens and more. TexJet® echo keeps the same reliability, cost effectiveness and low running cost as its predecessor, this time with 1-YEAR WARRANTY on PRINTHEAD and all mechanical parts!

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16 x 23 inch Maximum Print Area


With TexJet® echo you can print designs up to 42x60cm (A2+) print area which means that you can cover all t-shirt sizes (from Small up to XXL) as well as all-over prints on dresses, towels etc. It is the ideal dtg printer for small up to high production runs.



TexJet® echo is compatible with 8/9 Snap-On Platens. Most are equipped with a “Frame System” in order to keep the garment surface flat without the need of using glue. Also each “Frame System” has “Adjustable Knobs” which allows printing on thicker or thinner materials ensuring top print quality on either case!

Innovative RIP software!


With TexJet® RIP® v7 we have managed to add awesome new features that set the bar of user experience to the next level! A modular software developed from the ground up with great ease of use and increased flexibility in mind. Some of the key-features of version 7 are: New enhanced white mask creation tool – no need of additional editing software like Photoshop, Automatic & manual white mask management, Redesigned interface, Powerful RIP engine resulting in higher function speeds, Single Pass printing of White and Colors at the same time offer amazing speed gain and print results!

Automatic printhead height adjustment!


Now there is no need to manually adjust the distance of the printhead like many other competitive dtg printers. The Texjet® Echo comes with an accurate optical sensor that does it automatically for you minimizing the possibility to damage the printhead. The sensor guarantees the optimum distance between the fabric and the printhead and also enables bi-directional printing.

Top quality dtg printer and yet affordable!


After years of research & development we managed to build Texjet® Echo dtg printer using top quality and robust metal materials that complies with demanding engineering standards. A solid construction that adds durability and reliability ideal for small business use to even more demanding environments and larger productions that doesn’t add extra burden to the price while keeping it competitive and cost effective!

Print your designs in a matter of …seconds!

1: Create your design…

2: Choose a t-shirt…

3: Print it…

4: Wear it!!!

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